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The stucco not only has to look good, but the work must be well done for prevent damages in the future. 
The Stucco that looks good and lasts long depends on expert craftsmanship. StuccoWallExpert focuses on the proper preparation of all substrates to make your wall surface smooth, durable, and beautiful. 


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What we do

Our experience, always fulfilling the needs of very demanding customers, has helped us to do better stucco work that surpasses our competitors. We offer a top quality stucco job, by an honest contractor who takes pride in his work, priced right, and, most importantly, done to our client’s full satisfaction. There is no better reward than a sincere thank you after we have completed our projects.  we are committed to providing our customers with a job done right the first time, within budget, and exceeding expectations.

Residential Projects

Our skilled tradesmen can  help you achieve your dream home experience. We renovate homes throughout Central Texas.


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Commercial Projects

We specialize in high quality commercial finishes. Our main customers are in the food industry as well as institutional clients.


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New Stucco Construction

we do all the stucco systems the  traditional calledhard coat  stucco” or the synthetic known like EIFS  and we are able to do  any kind  of finishes ; Smooth, dash, texture, cat face or  sand finish and not matter which type of substrates you have we know how to work on that, residential all the way to commercial unites. Stuccowallexpert the best option in central texas    

Stucco Repair

stucco was wrong

Stucco walls coverings need maintenance and sometimes the original installation was not entirely done right. Our team can provide you with the following alternatives.

-Stucco repair

-Stucco cracks 

-new skin coat

-Stucco paint

-Stucco wall damages 

 StuccoWallExpert can provide solution to your stucco problem ..


Serving Central Texas from San Antonio, through Austin, to Round Rock, Texas.

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Central Texas

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Stucco needs to be washed periodically. Call on the Stucco Wall Expert to be sure it is done right and that no damage is caused by the pressure washing. 

Moisture that gets behind your stucco can damage your interior walls and cause mold. It can also weaken the stucco exterior and create more cracking and even dangerous situations. Our inspector can analyze your stucco and let you know what is going on.

The Stucco Wall Expert can paint stucco, avoiding glossy paint. Flat finishes work best.  Acrylic paint will help with waterproofing and can withstand the weather better than any other commonly-available paint.


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