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We have seen this all the time, owners have spent good money in their dream home or project , suddenly after some little time we notice those nasty, ugly cracks in the walls. “why? The stucco  was supposed to be our forever wall covering !” Unfortunately if your stucco has not been properly prepped and installed, it will fail. Due to its multilayered process, stucco needs to be done right in the proper sequence with the right materials to assure optimum adherence and rigidity. This is when your friends at stuccowallexpert can come to the rescue.

Why stucco cracks?

  1. Moving foundation
  2.  Install the stucco in a wall that is not ready
  3. Poor craftsmanship
  4. Apply the stucco in inappropriate weather

What kind of stucco problems do you have?

  • your stucco contractor did not give you quality services?
  • loose stucco?
  • water intrusion?
  • damages substrate?
  • stucco cracks?

Stucco is a long-lasting multilayer finish that requires special care and craftsmanship to achieve superior results.

Layers need to be done in a precise sequence, with the right materials and properly applied. If any of the layers fail, there is a good chance water might be intruding the surface and causing a fail ( crack or damages in your substrate).

We will fix it right, and we guarantee it!

We strongly follow the stucco manufacturers association guidelines



Stucco lasts <50 years


Stucco provices a solid, durable, and seamless home exterior

Low Maintenance

Stucco is low maintenance

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